Property Purchases – Conveyancing Victoria

Purchasing property can be a time consuming exercise, with endless paperwork and red tape. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let our Victoria conveyancing specialists make your property purchase a smooth and easy one.

We’ll help you buy:

  • Vacant land
  • Off-the-plan: Townhouses, units or houses
  • Houses: New or established
  • Units/Flats/Apartments: Strata, stratum and company share
  • Carparks: Common property leases and licence agreements
  • Commercial freehold properties: Factories, offices and shops

Our Conveyancers offer:

  • Timely settlement through early liaison with your financial institution
  • A solicitor report to ensure your contract accurately reflects the property
  • Assistance in receiving your entitled benefits, such as First Home Owner grants, stamp duty exemptions and other concessions.

Don’t sign anything until you speak to us for property purchasing assistance.

Phone 1800 SARGEANTS (1800 727 432) or fill in the form below for more information and a free consultation:

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